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The importance of storytelling

People are always hungry for knowledge. If information is available, we are all over it like flies. Giving the right explanation about your company, services and products is therefore crucial. However, a mere descriptive text will often not cover the load. An audience needs stories to draw them into your vision. On top of that, your company can’t b put its own features in the spotlights. Copywriting goes beyond just a text on the website or in a folder. In today’s setting, content management and storytelling are key.


Your own copywriting profile

A company that focuses on content wants to inform and inspire (potential) customers. It’s important to offer a broad and diverse set of information to your readers. The writing style should fit your business’s vision. Just as visual branding is of great importance, solid content also gives a recognizable style and image to your company. In addition to determining the content and its tone of voice, Graviteit helps decide where, when and how your stories should be spread to your target audience.

We already talked about the narrative and convincing function of texts. But in addition, texts are also deployed for better online visibility. Copywriting is an important aspect of an SEO friendly website. Doesn’t every company want to be highly ranked in the search results? To achieve this, search engines like Google must find the right content. These search engines determine the relevance of a website, amongst other things, by the amount of useful and informative text. Together, we look for the most relevant keywords for your business, and especially for the search terms that your specific target audience uses. Then we ensure that these terms are sufficiently present in your site texts, without losing overall quality of content. This way, Google knows what your website is about!


Design brings stories to life

For Graviteit, clever texts and strong designs go hand in hand. When a clear message and an attractive design meet and support each other optimally, all pieces fit perfectly!